Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating my honey Dan, and my SIL candice.
It was a perfect weekend, busy with the ones I love.          

And picked out the cutest bedding for the cutest 6 year old client.
I'm going to be envious of her room!


Hailey said...

oh my! they are the cutest!

Jennifer {The Chronicles of Home} said...

Roberta Roller Rabbit? I just chose the same fabric for pillows for my daughter's bed in her new big girl room :)

Katie said...

So nice to see some new posts from you!

You have the sweetest family -- The kiddos are growing quickly!

Gorgeous bedding, too ... I love the punchy colors.

vitadrömmarobusigabarn said...

beautiful pictures!!

Danielle Provost said...

Love the bedding! Where is it from?

Marie said...

You are one cute family, that´s for sure!
xx Marie

Krista Luna said...

Gorgeous babies!! Love their outfits! SO precious!!

Styled By The Moon

Merm said...

Hello my sweet Nicci! I was strolling through your blog and Zanna came in and exclaimed "Hey that's my friend!" after she saw a photo of P. Then she said "Mom we can go visit her again, anytime!" LOL! Miss you!

Janka Gajdosikova said...

Hello there,

Although, my personal preference in interior colour schemes are much bolder colours, I also loved the way you transformed your living room into place you can call your own home.

I had a pleasure of decorating my first home last year in May and me and my husband were absolutely thrilled about that.

Once in a while, we beatify our dwelling with a new shiny home accessory.

We take such a delight in it! It is a place that we can call home and we are very proud if it!

What I found particularly tricky was not to overdo it with the size of the furniture.

As we moved into 1 bed flat, I felt it was very important not to overdo it with large chunky furniture, which would quickly fill out our living room space and would give an impression of clattered space.

In fact our neighbours did so, and they ended up with not very flattering look.

Also love your little ones. They look very cute in the pictures you have taken.


Jana from london

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